Thursday, January 01, 2009

Mike's Pastry Shop at the North End, Boston

During a recent visit to Boston this past holiday season, we took a walk up to the North End to check out the famous Hanover Street. There you will find some of the best authentic Italian food in the country. We were told about Mike's Pastry Shop by more than a few people and just HAD to check it out.

Well, as with other famous eateries we've been to, it was PACKED!!! We opened the heavy door to the site of at least a few dozen people just ordering and eating and drinking cappuccinos and eating and, well, generally stuffing themselves, lol. I had my family find a seat while I ordered about four randoms treats. Two kinds of Canolis, a slab of Oreo cake and a yellow custard tartlette. As we all sampled each snack with a fork and napkin, washing them down with Starbucks (which, had I known they served great espresso, I wouldn't have been so stupid and disrespectful by bringing in a chain coffee, but live and learn, eh?). Each bite was better than the last. Everything was made from scratch. The best pastry cream I've had since working for Myers Park Country Club so many years before, lol. Such a great attention to detail, very impressive. And, let's not forget the service, fantastic and very nice people! I guess when you're raking in the money like they were, I'd be very nice too! :)

To quote another blog that I like to frequent,
"Upon entering, anyone with a sweet tooth will feel like a kid in a candy shop—the variety of biscotti, butter cookies, rum cakes, cream puffs, and other Italian pastries boggles the mind.
Mike’s doesn’t do anything in moderation, and the cannoli are no exception—lined up on the top shelf, their flavors start with yellow and chocolate cream, proceeding to chocolate mousse, New York cheesecake, nutty Florentine cannoli, and more. But real pastry skill comes out in the classics, so my order was simple: one ricotta cannolo.
Big and hefty, filled to the brim, Mike’s cannoli are a sight to behold. This one had a substantial crispy shell that was fried to a satisfying crunch, and held its shape until the very last bite. The filling was wonderfully sweet and almost silky in texture. Generously sized as it was, it was nearly impossible not to finish—a pastry that would make any Sicilian proud.

If you're ever in the area, check it out :)

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