Sunday, July 30, 2006

Things are really looking up!

Just an update: Things are really going well at work. Perhaps it's because I hadnt had to deal with any shitty attitudes since we closed for the summer, or that I've grown a little, who knows. I'd like to think it is the latter.

Any-who, new kitchen is coming along niceley! They seem to be on schedule. We should be able to move in pretty soon. Boss and I will have a ton to do when that time comes. Cleaning, orders, station assignment, organization, and all that jazz! But, I tell you, I'm looking forward to the challenge. Yea, I'm a little nervous, but it shouldn't be so bad as we're setting ourselves up to do well by putting together the menues and job descriptions, taking the time to put new policies in place and more! When you have all your ducks in a row, big events go a lot smoother.

The big boss and I were talking about my future the other day. It was really an inspiring meetintg! We were talking about our mentoring relationship and my personal goals in the company and he told me I was heading in the right direction for a regional chefs job!

Things were said like, "All 16 upper elite managers know your name and who you are and you live all the way down here. There are chefs 2 blocks from the corporate office and they don't even know they exist!" and "Your name comes up a lot for candidates for the position when it becomes available" and "I've noticed in the last 2 years that you've really grown in maturity and in your position."

Of course, we also spoke about the things I need to work on. I have a bad habit of talking to people like crap and getting a little frustrated with them if I can't get my point accross. I know I need to work on that a lot! He will help me with that and that puts me at ease. He has strength in that area. He has the great ability to demand respect and get people to do what he wants them to do without pissing anyone off too much. Though it will take a while for me to become that type of person, I feel confident that working with him on this will help tremendously.

So far, my supervisor and I are getting along pretty well. That's another relationship that needs work, too. I have to make sure we have a working relationship together at work and keep the buddy buddy stuff for after hours.

Yeah, I'm pretty excited with things to come. Next week I'm flyinig to a meeting in Connecticut, my first food competition (yikes!) comes up in September, doing a cooking demo for the March of Dimes in October and possibly another competition at the beginning of next year! Just as sure as I'll get more projects like this, I'm sure I'll grow from the ones listed.

More soon,

Thanks be to God!


Saturday, July 29, 2006

My first phone blog!

This rocks! A ceiling fan in the kitchen!? This was taken at an account we lost in Big Pine Key, Florida. What a place!

This is a cell phone blogger test. Since I have my phone with me everywhere I go, I plan on taking pictures of my every day life and blogging about it. Yes, I'll still log on and publish about other things, but I think being able to use my cell phone will be awesome!