Monday, April 09, 2007

Yummy grilled cheese...

I made the best griled cheee Ive ever had tonight! Sliced open a crispy fresh baquette, slathered with sambol, blue cheese and stacked with american cheese and grated parmesan, buttered and grilled on the panini press!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Update, first Blog in 2007

This is odd, first post in 2007! What a BLOG SLACKER I've been, lol.

Hmm, where to start?

Since the last time I blogged, things have been a healthy combination of good and bad news.

First, that regional chefs job I was supposed to get was offered to someone else (a good friend of mine) instead of me. Seems I pissed off one of the big wigs for some reason and he suddenly decided I wasn't worthy. He proved that by literally SCREAMING inches from my face about what he thought of me, etc. Aparently, he thought I got his drinking buddy in trouble (my supervisor). But, fact is, my supervisor is a flake and can't stay focused enough to do his damn job! Anyway, that was that. My supervisor is being asked to leave the unit because the client doesnt like him (I prove my case, hes a flake!). But, being as the big boss loves him (drinking buddy) instead of firing him, he's gonna ship him around for a few weeks until they can find him another unit. Guess it pays to have the DM on your side, eh?

Then, this dumb ass n00bie starts with the company (looks like Shrek! LOL) about 3 months ago, is now awarded his very own unit! They didn't feel I should have been at least offered the position, as they want me to stay where I am for another year. That fuck up can't cook to save his life, let alone manage people, lol. But, big boss loves him as they used to work together years ago at another sector.

Ok, THEN, my chef certification cooking practical had to be post-poned three times because that GD DM fealt that the unit comes first and my persoanl shit can wait to be taken care of on my own time (WHEN?, what personal time!) What he doesnt get, is that it only occurs on the third Saturday of every month and I have to be there the Friday before and its a good 5 hour drive from here. So, I pray for a time we are closed on a Friday, or wait until summer break to take care of it. Wouldnt you want to have a certified chef working for you and your company? GRRR, lol.

Hmm, lemme see, whats next? Welp, good news is, two of the worst PITAs quit the other day to go work for a call center for the local electric company. Lazy asses are better off, they get to do what they love best, sitting on their asses and talking on the phone, God bless them! :) They're out of my hair and the place is really quiet now.

So, needless to say, I've turned into a disgruntled employee that has had the carpet pulled out from under him. I went from everyones hero/ future regional chef to a glorified cook looking for a new job!

I have my eye on this sweet gig up in the New England area, crossing my fingers on that. They are interviewing people a bit more local in front of me, but we'll see how it goes. If it doesnt work out, I'll keep looking. I just have to make it through until June 1st and then I can hit the streets all summer looking for something new. If, for some odd reason, they have some secret plans for me, I'll see what they have to say. To be honest, moving back to New England would prolly suck a dick, but, then again, might be the best thing for us. A new begining and a fresh start.

I've started writing the newsletter for a local adoption chapter, which is kinda fun. I get to practice putting stuff like that together. Never know when it might come in handy.

Had lunch with one of my old intern this afternoon. He's doing well and I have a feeling he'll do awesome in this field. A go-getter with a level head and a great personality. He won't have far to go.

A couple weeks ago I did a private cooking class for 12 adults and we had a blast. 6 courses of apps. I wrote the menu, they bought the food, I showed up and tought them all how to make everything. Of course, everyone got a little drunk and I didnt have to work hard at all :) Perhaps I'll be able to make a living on that some day on the side or something. (hmm?)

That's it for me. More news later :) I am in the early stages of writing a cookbook for friends and family. If its sucessful, I may try to get it published. One good thing came from working for this company, I've had a lot of great oportunties to try and gather new recipes! Why not put them all together?

Unkle_Chef :)