Thursday, September 01, 2005

Gone! Gas? No, HE’S GONE!! 

Well, one of my thorns quit today, happy as hell about that! We’re very relieved.

After a couple employee changes, all will be back to normal, but with a better replacement (hopefully, lol).

Saw gas at $3.50 today! JEESH!! A few places were mostly or completely out! Luckily, I stockpiled last night before everyone ran out of 87 octane. Two full tanks and 18 gallons in the garage should last us a little over a week. By then, the panic should be over and things should be fixed a little bit in the refinery area. People were all acting nuts about the gas thing though, crazy.

Today was crazy busy, but overall, very smooth. Met a corporate hag today, she was nice. Came to tell us to chill with the food ordering because of the gas situation. Understandable, really. I’m just concerned about being able to get stuff in at all, let alone the spike in food prices.

Got great news today from one of the big-wigs. They’re going to pay for my ACF membership renewal as well as my CCC test! I’m psyched man! This will make me a lot more marketable both personally, as well as for the company. Awesome! Thanks guys ( (just hope I can pass the test, lol, have to make sure I study hard!)

Just got back in from the mall. Cities DEAD. Must be because of the football home game combined with people staying home to conserve gas. Odd site to see no one on the road.

Home entertainment system shopping as of today. Going to look around to make sure I make the right choice. I don’t want to buy a POS and regret it.

Selling the car on eBay. So far 4 people are “watching” it and got a call from some douche bag that left me a number I cant call for some reason. I’m the dumb-ass that left my cell on eBay, lol. Lesson learned.

Big plans are coming. Get my cert., take management classes, learn as much as I can about upper management, especially something regional, and go for it! Go to more meetings, ACF and such. Volunteer, read, and make friends with the right people. God willing, these next 2 years will be full of growth and prosperity for the wife and me (