Thursday, May 24, 2007

On my way home...

So, trip's over. Interview sssion went extremely well. Chris said I did a great job and that he thought I knew my way around a kitchen. I feel pretty great about the way it turned out. Quick overview of how it went...
Dude picked me up 9:00 am this morning, we drove down to Natick, Mass to a food brokerage. He gave me three new "minor" brand sauces and a local steak houses menu. He had me come up with a couple menu items revolved around those three sauces. I made a chicken wing trilogy with crinkle cut sweet potato fries and a apricot dijon mustard glazed pan seared salmon with a warm caprise salad. I took advantage of the same fries. Both plates focused on both the sauces and bar-type food. The three guys that were there (a chef, chris and some guy named steve/ big-wig) were impressed by the food and asked me a few typical questions that are asked a lot by potential clients. I just did what I do best and it went well! If I don't at least go to the final interview, I'll be both suprised and a little pissed :/.

Got to see my son, brother, his gf, my neice, kari, mom and Bill. Was a full day for sure! Tonight I cooked dinner for the family and grabbed an icecream at the creamland :) yum! Earlier today, had a smoke and hit some balls at the driving range. I hit really great today! Felt good to laugh with my bro :)

Aprils still pissing me off about this whole thing. Didn't wanna know how the interview went or anything. Whatever. If I get it, great, and she'll have to get on board with it. If I don't get it, she'll be happy and I'll keep looking as hard as ever. I don't want to work for fatty ass anymore waiting for him to come in and threaten my job again. Fucker. Besides, their double standards shit is driving me batty.

If I have to stay where I am, I'll keep my head down and work my ass off while I send out resumes. I won't burn a bridge and if/ when I leave, it'll be on good terms.

Flight boards soon, can't wait to hug the wife, cop a feel and sleep in my own bed. :)