Sunday, May 13, 2007

New boss here, old boss gone, sorta...

Well, old boss was asked to leave because the client shared the feelings of a few others that he was incompetent and not well liked. He didnt like him much and seems he was losing a lot of money. Not good for business.

New guy started a couple weeks ago, seems to be a pretty nice guy and knows his stuff. Good Christian values, doesn't cuss and treats people with respect. He keeps me IN the loop so I can know whats going on. Unlike the old boss who, at least these past few months, didn't seem to know the difference between a child's balance and how to balance a child, lol, and kept me out of everything unless it was something to complain about. He also ran around screaming and yelling to prove a point. Now, hes running around for the DM to different accounts, playing his puppet, lol, funny.

As soon as he left, my stress level was cut considerably. The new guy and I are hitting it off pretty good (at least for now). I need to make sure I keep my side of the street clean with this relationship as I've made enemy's with people I've hit it off with in the past.

DM is giving me less shit and I've had a good level of inspiration with my food lately. I think when I made the decision to worry about doing my job the best I can with no expectations instead of basing it on ass kissing and moving up in the company, I've had a better perspective.

We've done some nice catering lately showing off our stuff. Clients happy as hell and we'll end up getting more business as a result.

That fucker that got his own account was begging the DM for some ideas from ME! The asshole gets his own account after 6 months and cant write a menu or a recipe to save his life. I have no sympathy for people like him. I've had to come up with most of my own ideas, so he'll need to also. I "vaguely" helped him to make the boss happy, but he'll still have to do some work. (can you tell I'm a little bitter?)

On another note... we've discussed selling the house and moving to something with more land. So, working on finishing the odds and ends here before moving forward with that.

Mom, my son and my half sister are coming down in July, which is sweet.

On yet another note, I've been experimenting with roasting coffee lately with great success. I really enjoy it. I may post some things about that down the road with some pics.

Im off to bed with a good head. Nighty...