Wednesday, May 23, 2007

At the airport...

You know what sucks about this fucking blackberry!? I just typed a ton of shit and accidently backed up and lost everything I just fucking typed!!!!!! FUCCCCKKKK!!!

Ok, anyway, like I was typing before...

I'm sitting here at the philly airport on my way to NH for this Nestle interview. Its 7:40 pm and my flight (1470) boards in about 10 minutes.

Like I mentioned in a previous blog, I'm SO excited about this opportunity. I mean, this is the break we've been waiting for! A chance to get out of debt, live a better/ more compfotable life and, best of all, the ability to afford to adopt.

Other than the money, we'd be closer to my family. I'd be able to have a better, more involved relationship with my son, spend more time with old friends and see the snow (cool). Yeah, would miss the great carolina weather, but shit, all the other pros would be a great trade-off.

One major thing about the "if I get the job" thing... The wife is not really on board with it. She's concerned about being further from her family. I can understand her concerns, been there, but I think all the great things I mentioned above would be a nice trade-off to having to drive 10 hours (or fly) down a few times a year instead of the 3 hour drive she's been accostomed to. That's it. Well, and there's her bro and neice and nephew too, I suppose. Well, like was mentioned to me by a friend in an email, I've been hours away from my family for over 11 years, its her turn. Some agree that she's being selfish. Others say she's been in her "comfort zone" for too long and doesn't want big changes like this, got it. Perhaps I'm being selfish too, but I have OUR interests at heart, not just mine!

Anyway, God has always been there in situations like this. Like Brian said, "turn it over to Him" and "ask God to let it be OK with me however it turns out." We'll see...

More later,