Monday, August 22, 2005

Wow I feel kinda...

Wow…I feel kinda…

This day has come and gone seemingly without a hitch. The chef I’m helping came in on Sunday to setup for today, so that helped a bit. We were supposed to meet at the place at 5:30!, but the DB didn’t arrive until after 6:00 am! (forgot about it, dumb ass, lol)

The main reason I’m here is to help him setup his school. Shit, going on week two and he’s just not getting it. His ordering skills kinda blow, he can’t focus on more than one task (which is VERY important in this position). Not to toot my own horn, but if I wasn’t here today (and all the other days) he’d be screwed! I did 2/3 of all the menu prep and most of the delegation! (wonder what he’s getting paid, lol)…

Anyway, a couple of my corporate supervisors approached me about him, asked me what I thought. “Is he doing any better?”, “Has he shown any improvements?”, “Do you think he’s ready for this?”. The answers to all their questions were “NO! By no means is he qualified for this position.”

As true as my answers were, I hated saying them. I like the guy, I really do! He’s friendly, cordial and respectful. Not to mention in some odd way, kinda reminds me of my dad! Not my dad as he was when I was a kid, all strict and loud and shit, but the way he’s turned out, as an older man with a lot of life experiences, funny with a great sense of humor and a love of people.

Yeah, this guy’s in his early 50s, late bloomer in “The Business” as us chefs like to call it. He claims he started out in his mid forties. Who the (insert expletive here) would want to join this business in their forties man! DAMN, lol. Ah, but it’s all good. I love this business and, even as an insider, can really see its draw.

Every time I go to a restaurant, I HAVE to look into the kitchen if at all possible. It’s like I can read the language. I know what that dude’s doing with that squid, or understand what all the flames and pan banging is all about. It’s really exciting to me, as one who understands it; I can imagine how one who’s never been in the business can be attracted by that hard-to-decipher script.

As comforting as my thoughts are, I still hate to help seal his doom. Hell, I even suggested he be sent to a smaller account, perhaps as a Sous Chef or something. Anything’s better than being axed. I HATE GETTING FIRED. It’s kinda like going through a break-up with a person you thought worshiped you, a bad car wreck with no injuries and an IRS tax audit all at once, lol. But, to justify, I must admit, he’s not good for the company I represent. If he represents the company, then he represents me. Ever had a bad meal at a place where ALL your buddies say is awesome? You don’t question the restaurant, necessarily, but you may question most of your friends integrity and food tastes!

Enough of that just had to babble. I’m feeling a little bad/ guilty about solidifying their decision to replace the guy. I know they would have done it anyway; I just helped make them feel better about going through with it, in my own small way.



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