Thursday, August 25, 2005

First day…

First day went very smoothly. Seems all the time spent getting ready really paid off. The crew was good enough to take care of everything while I was out of town, very happy about that.

One employee, possibly two, will be out if they don’t get their shit together. Between the attitudes and lack of experience, theyre both driving me batty. One of them is the “no-it-all” type who knows nothing, lol, and the other is just lazy, which is bad, too.

You try to tell the one who knows all how to do something, you get the eye rolling and attitudes crap, try to get the other one to do anything is like try to get a dead man to stand up! Lol, jeesh.

Anyway, luckily, the rest of the staff kept everything going right, and we did fine.

Big boss man and the DM came by today and thanked me for the out of town help. I appreciated that.

First day of the new action station, kinda messy, but we made it happen. I’ll make sure to get the kinks worked out before too long.

Friday nears and off to the beach for two days with the boys! Can’t wait.



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