Sunday, August 21, 2005



I’m out of town on business. This is my second week here. I worked all last week, flew home last Friday night and just flew back here again tonight (Sunday night) to work this week. Well, it’s not an entire week, only until Wednesday.

This is a fun thing, somewhat. I’m helping some poor under qualified chef open a school that is just HUGE man! It has the same amount of students as the one I work at, but all high school kids. Bigger appetites and bigger kids. You should see the amount of chow those kids consume man!

Anyway, enough of that. I’m here, in my hotel room, missing my wife horribly, typing this ( Fun stuff.

Plan is, tomorrow morning, in at 5:30am, out before dark (yeah, should be at least a 12 hour day, JOY (). It’s 10:30 pm now. I know I should be in bed, but hell, who can sleep in a strange bed without the warm body of their spouse!?

I just got here and I can’t WAIT to get home already, lol. This Thursday is the first day of school at my place and there is a crap-load of stuff left to do yet! My boss is left by himself to do it all, I feel bad for him ‘cuz there’s lots and lots to do man.

Anyway, more updates to come, guess Ill try to sleep ( Night


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