Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Saw another famous dude...

So, a friend of mine and I sat down with a couple awesome dudes this afternoon looking for some advice on how we can start our own cooking show (something like no other, like the exact oposite of all the crap I bitch about so much, right? We need that!!!)...

Anywho, so after that, we went down to enjoy an espresso and puff on a couple awesome CAO maduro cigars (stout beast, one of their best!!!) and, after bashing some of todays terrible reality food TV shows for a few minutes, we see Lou Patrozza from Hells Kitchen! It was like a sign from God or something! I mean, we were JUST discussing our dream of a TV future when along comes a recent veteran of the beast itself! Kinda cool, I thought.

We chatted for a few minutes, small talk mostly. Hes a great dude, very approchable and easy to talk to. Seems fame may not go to this dudes head (at least yet, lol).

My second Hells Kitchen dude so far.

Here's a pic:

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