Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hells Britain?

So, I've been reading Marco Pierre Whites current book, "The Devil in the Kitchen". Great book. I thank the good friend of mine that loaned it to me to read! Anyway, so I'm reading this book about this dude that was/ is a bad ass Chef in the kitchen. He's won Michelin Stars, mentored some of todays greatest Chefs and owns/ manages numerous amazing restaurants, but I've never heard of him before seeing him on Bourdain's "No Reservations" TV show!!! (bad ass show, btw, real TV for a change!)

So, reading about this dude kinda peaked my interest to do some research. I found a 45 minute interview from "Authors@Google" on YouTube. They were asking all sorts of questions about his new book, questions about his life in and out of the business, etc. He didn't seem like the dick that his reputation preceded.

Someone had asked him a question about the British version of Hells Kitchen that he'd been asked to host (kinda ironic as he used to make Ramsey cry like a bitch back in his mentoring days, lol.). As he was answering the question, he had mentioned that he turned them down 3 years previously because he didn't want to be on TV. Finally, they sent him DVDs of the US version of Hells Kitchen to maybe help convince him to host the show. He was kinda shocked that Ramsey just stood their at the pass and screamed and cussed at everyone. He also mentioned that there was no FOOD!!! (Shit, this guy sees that show a little like me.)

The thing that struck me as strange, and VERY TRUE, was that White was seemingly concerned that Ramsey is making the business look bad. That a show like that would NOT encourage people to join "the industry". That Marco would inspire people and not belittle them. What made me laugh and shake my head the most was when he said that "That Individual" has done more damage to the industry than good. Wow, so its not JUST ME!!

Anyway, was a GREAT interview. Check it out for yourself:

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