Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Hells Kitchen Tryouts Today!

Well, today was the day I tried out for the Hells Kitchen TV Show! It was held at Johnson and Wales University here in Charlotte. What a cool experience!

Basically, there were a couple producers interviewing us and looking for strong personalities. I was the 6th person called out of about 100 others. He (Louis) asked me questions like, what sort of passion do I have for food, what I did for a living and why I like/ disliked it, where I saw myself in the future, what my goals are, etc. He asked me a good bit of things about my current job and seemed to be impressed that we made everything from scratch for a private school!

It felt really good and I felt the interview went extremely well! He said that there would be call backs by the end of the week. If they call me, it would be before the weekend.

Anyway, off to bed, wish me luck!