Sunday, August 10, 2014

My guest chef appearence at Merrimack College, Andover, Massachuesetts

     A few months ago, I was asked to do a guest chef presentation as part of the interview process for my "big promotion" with the food service company I work for. At the time it was a "big secret" as no one was aware that I was about to be joining their team. I entered this huge kitchen and an even larger dining hall, being greeted  by a few happy faces and professional managers This place reminded me of the food court at one of the many airports I've been through. Compared to other places I've worked, this place was simply cavern-es! This promised to be a great time and an awesome chapter in my budding career. Below is the blog I wrote from my phone the day of my guest appearance.       

     As I type this (first blog written on my mobile phone!) I've recently accepted the executive chef positive at a prestigious college in Andover, Massachusetts. This new position opens up a lot of doors for me in my career as well as many welcome challenges! Just think, a few years ago I was scrubbing pots and pans for 3 bucks an hour under the table at 13 years old! Now I'm about to embark on a game changing celebration of 30 years in this wonderful industry. 

     The menu was created for the "International Station" where Mexico was the featured country. I was asked to come up with an item that was inexpensive and delicious. Challenge accepted. Mexican food is full of flavors, colors and great textures. It's a simple cuisine that still holds its challenges when it comes to eye-appeal and offering a little something for everyone. The item I chose was a simple Tostada which is basically a fried corn tortilla spread with a little re-fried beans, meat and condiments.  A delicious spice-rubbed char-grilled flank steak was sliced thinly on a bias against the grain to ensure a tender cut. Lots of condiments were offered to the diners to add a colorful and interactive experience. Corn salsa, pico de guillo, chipotle salsa, guajillo spread and salsa verde were offered. Topped with some Crema and a couple lime wedges on the side and an amazing meal was ready! Of course, you can use your imagination and change any of these items up, that's whats so great about Mexican cuisine. Just use what you have laying around and it can become a mind-blowing experience. 

     Stay tuned for some more fun and exciting things when I get settled in. My team and I will be blowing minds and taking names. I just hope that we can keep up! 

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