Sunday, April 05, 2009

My official 100th post! Demo number 2 at Chocolatier Barracund

Wow, 100 posts since the beginning back in 2005. Crazy how time flies. I've learned a lot these past 3 1/2 years. Met some great people, met some douche bags (you know who you are), and best of all, ate some awesome food. Yes, less I forget, I created some great food too. Ah, the food business, gotta love it. Wonder how many hours I put in since then?

So, this past Saturday, I did a food demo at a friends chocolate shop. It was the second of a monthly series and, hopefully, many to come in the future. Between the rain and the sale going on at the new IKEA, there was a small crowd of 4 people this time. They were the lucky ones. They learned how to make summer rolls with sambal and ate their weight in free samples.

Hoping for a larger turn out next month. May 2nd is the next date so come check us out!

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