Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Another great cooking class for charity...

Here are some pics I took of the evening:

Welp, another great chef auction event landed me another sweet cooking class this past Saturday.

I set it up similarly to the last one. This time, 5 courses instead of 6.

We broke up into 3/ 3 person groups. I showed everyone how to use a knife, saute and make a vinaigrette and let the guys grill up the shrimp and steaks (all guys know how to do that already, right?!)

Here's the menu:

Theme: Steak Night

Let’s make some MEAT! A 5 course steak dinner in appetizer size portions for everyone to enjoy.

Starter Course

Lime Curry Marinated Grilled Shrimp “Cocktail” w/ Chunky Avocado Cocktail Sauce (Great course for a sweet white)

Salad Course

Grilled Fresh Artichoke Salad w/ Spring Mix and Toasted Pine Nuts Topped with a Fresh Ginger Orange Vinaigrette (Light red here)

Refresher Course

Pomegranate Sorbet w/ Chambord Drizzle

Main Course

Simple NY Strip Steak Topped w/ a Caramelized Sweet Onion and Basil Relish (Small batch medium/ dark beer here)

Dessert Course

Key Lime “Pie” on Toasted Hazelnut Crumble Served in a Wine Glass (Dessert wine here)

Another successful night! More to come soon!